Purchase Application

Purchase Application

(This is not an agreement to purchase)

I/We would love to make the above-named puppy, a member of our family. Please contact me at the number below at your earliest convenience.

Contact Information
Please Answer the Following Questions

(If you are a breeder, then we will need to see evidence of the conditions in which your animals are housed. Failure to answer this question truthfully can be considered breach of contract. A breeder for the purposes of this contract is a person or persons that maintains more than one female dog for the purpose of breeding the females in order to sell the puppies to make a profit)

(We believe that teaching your child how to love and care for a pet is one good way to prepare your child for responsibilities in the future. But we also know that small children can sometimes unintentionally harm a small pet, especially a puppy. Answering yes will not disqualify you from purchasing a puppy, but it will help us to prepare some information for you on how to best protect your new puppy from being hurt or injured by your toddler).

We only have small breed puppies and they are not suitable for being kept outside.

(If you answer this question No, please do not continue with this application. We will not agree to sell you a puppy).

Should you purchase this puppy, we will provide you with some breed specific information as well as some general information about caring for a new puppy.

A nonrefundable $200 deposit is required for us to hold any puppy. The deposit will be deducted from the selling price when final payment is made. We accept cash or we can take credit cards through Paypal. Final payments using credit cards through Paypal must be made a week in advance of picking up the puppy.

We are willing to discuss possible delivery of the puppy to you at no additional charge if you are within 300 miles of our kennels. We do have additional information that we will discuss with you concerning payment if we deliver the puppy. However, we do encourage you, if at all possible, to come and visit your puppy at our kennel in Mount Olive. Visitation is by appointment (see our guidelines for visiting on the About Us page) but we are usually available weekdays and weekends if we have no schedule conflicts.

Thank You for considering Ric-Den Kennels as a partner in finding that special new member of the family.

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We specialize in breeding Chihuahua, Miniature Dachshunds, Boston Terriers and Pugs.

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