If it is not feasible for you to visit our kennels and pickup your new family member, then we will gladly deliver the puppy up to 300 miles roundtrip at no charge to you. If you are further away than 300 miles roundtrip from our kennels, then we will deliver the puppy to you using the following fee formula.

Distance to you x 2 = round to the nearest 10 – 300 miles x $.50

For example. You live 503 miles from the kennels.

503 x 2 = 1010 (1006 rounded) – 300 = 710 x $.50 = $355

Date of delivery will be on a mutually agreeable date and at a mutually agreeable location. Some deliveries may involve and overnight stay for the person delivering the puppy. If this is the case, the buyer agrees to pick up the puppy at the hotel and at the time the puppy arrives. Seller agrees to keep the buyer informed on his/her progress and estimated time of arrival. If the puppy has to stay overnight at the hotel, then additional fees will apply.

Delivery fees, if any, must be paid in advance. Once delivery has been made, delivery fees are nonrefundable under any circumstances.

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We specialize in breeding Chihuahua, Miniature Dachshunds, Boston Terriers and Pugs.

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